People do not stop gathering. Even the government has announced Emergency situation – C’mon

Picture from Ratchaprasong Intersection 15.10.2020 

After officials announced that wanted to stop the demonstration by 6:00 PM, the public did not stop the demonstration. Although the police announced the Act. 

In an emergency at any meeting place Many of the pratunam and surrounding routes have continued, and roads have been closed at the Ratchaprasong Intersection for keynote speeches by the group’s leaders.

And in the meantime There are many officials blocking the people. And try to control the situation all the time from 5 pm by people in this group Have youth at the secondary level And students as well as part of the mob movement.

And a number of people were observed on the tall building. It is of concern to the mob. Because it is a point that is at risk of creating a dangerous situation that may occur to the public.

At the same time, the police stood as a barrier to protect Royal Thai Police To take care of the place tightly Not allowing the crowd to enter the place.

Please kindly staff “Do not turn the tip of the gun at the people” Stand by the people. May all the protesters be safe.

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